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Warning: Do not expose contact lenses to water while wearing them.
the ideal lens for new to 1-day patients

With net-plastic neutrality, we’re reassuring those new to 1-day lenses that not only are daily disposables the healthiest way to wear contact lenses, but they can also make a positive impact on the planet. Patients can enjoy all of the convenience, comfort, and performance of clariti 1 day without being concerned about introducing any incremental plastic waste into the environment. This allows you to be viewed positively by conscientious consumers.8

your commitment will match your patients’ values

By prescribing clariti® 1 day you’re creating an emotional connection9 with your patients that attracts return customers9,10—and that’s good for your practice’s and the planet’s future.

of consumers say they’re motivated to be loyal to a brand by knowing that they share the same values.10

of US contact lens wearers who do not currently wear daily disposable lenses, say they would be interested in trying a plastic neutral 1-day lens1

everyday easy to prescribe8 convenience and sustainability

A full family of lenses makes it easy for you to fit virtually any patient with clariti 1 day. They will enjoy great performance and exceptional everyday value. And the sustainability of clariti 1 day provides a unique opportunity for your patients to make an impact and build a better future and for you to build a stronger practice.

bringing sustainability into your practice

Sustainability is something that matters to you and your patients—and CooperVision supports that by continuously working to operate more sustainably. Our commitment to conservation through manufacturing and our partnership with Plastic Bank enables you to have the sustainability conversation with your patients—and to show that you share their values. Want to take it even further? Us too, so stay tuned to see what’s next in our ongoing efforts to help patients see their best and to do better for the environment.