continuing to wear contact lenses — 

from sunrise until bedtime — 

necessitates continuous improvement.

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help your patients start with a fresh, clean lens every day. talk to them about clariti® 1 day.

Why did we make a silicone hydrogel (SiHy) 1-day lens? Because CooperVision® is committed to creating high-quality lenses — and a healthy lens-wearing experience.1 You see, more oxygen and breathability make for whiter, brighter eyes.2,3 And our commitment to continuous improvement has provided ECPs like you — and your patients — with an affordable SiHy lens that provides up to 3x the DK/t4 of some conventional hydrogel lenses and all-day comfort. That lens is clariti® 1 day.

continuous improvement in the lens.

evolution of options

As more and more lens options become available, you’re presented with an opportunity for more choice. clariti® 1 day is a SiHy 1-day option that’s affordable — allowing ECPs like you the option of upgrading your patients from a hydrogel lens to a silicone hydrogel lens without a significant increase in price to them.5

continuous improvement in the lens.

more prescription options than ever

Fit a wider range of astigmatic patients with clariti® 1 day toric. Now with around-the-clock axes, and toric prescription options expanding by nearly 50% by Spring 2020— clariti® 1 day toric enables you to provide coverage for most astigmatic patients.6,7

continuous improvement in the lens.

frp to 1-day conversation

With the many options available on the market, it’s easy for your patients to get confused. That’s why it’s important to have conversations with them about their available options. Making the switch from an FRP to 1-day lens can be a slight adjustment. But with a clariti® 1 day lens your patients start each and every day with a fresh, new lens. We know you want the best for your patients. And now you can give it to them in a SiHy 1-day lens.

continuous improvement in the lens.