continuing to wear contact lenses — 

from sunrise until bedtime — 

necessitates continuous improvement.

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all-day comfort.1 all-day convenience.2

What does our commitment to continuous improvement mean for your patients? For starters, it means a comfortable lens so they can live their lives and fell good while doing it. It means a convenient lens so they're able to get active and get going. Ensuring you’re prescribing a lens that gives them a reason to keep coming back. And making each day a little bit brighter.

continuous improvement in your patients’ lives.


Patients look to you to prescribe a comfortable lens that fits their lifestyle. clariti® 1 day is a high-oxygen lens available at the price of a low-oxygen one3 — and it can give your patients the oxygen and comfort their eyes need and deserve. So brighten your patients’ day with clariti® 1 day.

“Since I’ve been using #clariti1day my eyes feel so at ease because the moisture in the lenses provide all-day comfort.” -Gina D., Miami, FL.

continuous improvement in your patients’ lives.


Lifetime TV’s Balancing Act talked about the convenience of clariti® 1 day and how it may be the perfect lens for people with busy, active lifestyles who are always on the go. And we think your patients will feel the same.

“I’ve wanted to try a new contact lens brand for a while, and I’m happy I found @CooperVisionUSA #clariti1day! These daily lenses are so convenient for my busy routine, and truly make traveling, sports and my overall day-to-day life easy!” -Tanya L., Los Angeles, CA

continuous improvement in your patients’ lives.