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Warning: Do not expose contact lenses to water while wearing them.
we’re going plastic neutral

Net plastic neutral is the state when the net plastic associated with a company, brand, or product is reduced to zero—using a calculation and an offset—for a defined period.4 We’re partnering with Plastic Bank®5 to reduce ocean bound plastic waste. For every clariti 1 day contact lens box we sell, we purchase a credit from Plastic Bank to collect and convert an equal amount5 of plastic through their global network.

the first lens
of its kind

Our partnership with Plastic Bank makes clariti 1 day6 the first of its kind net plastic neutral contact lens family. This program automatically accounts for and offsets the weight of plastic in each box of clariti 1 day distributed in the U.S. This includes not only the plastic in the lens itself, but also the blister, adhesive, and packaging laminates, and even the plastics in the ink printed on the boxes.

our partnership with Plastic Bank

Founded in 2013, Plastic Bank is a social enterprise organization committed to reducing ocean-bound plastic through the collection, processing, and reuse of general plastic waste7. Through our work with eye care professionals across the U.S. we have seen the measures you’re taking to bring more environmentally friendly efforts into in your practices. We wanted to provide an easy way for yourself, your staff, and your patients to be more sustainable. This partnership provides an easy way for you to be a part of making a big impact in our environment. Materials collected by Plastic Bank are reborn as Social Plastic® and reprocessed for reintroduction into the global manufacturing supply chain.

stopping ocean plastic and improving lives

Plastic Bank provides opportunities for social good by enabling people in developing countries to collect ocean-bound plastic from their coastal communities within 30 miles of an ocean or a waterway leading to an ocean. In exchange, they receive a premium that they can use for goods and services—including food, clean water, health insurance, or school tuition for their children. By prescribing clariti 1 day you’re not only creating a better future for our planet – but the people who live on it.