continuing to wear contact lenses — 

from sunrise until bedtime — 

necessitates continuous improvement.

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when you ask the right questions, you solve the right problem. now that’s improving your practice.

How does clariti® 1 day embody the CooperVision difference? For starters, we’ve partnered with ECPs like you to continuously improve your practice. We’re working hard to strengthen our relationship, and support you and your patients with the materials you need to educate your patients about clariti® 1 day lenses. We know you’re all about patient satisfaction. And we’re right here with you, every step of the way, to empower your practice.

continuous improvement in your practice.


We’re continuously working to operate more sustainably. Sustainability is something that matters to you and your patients — and CooperVision® supports this. From executives to plant employees, our commitment to sustainable practices remains. And every day there are more ways for ECPs like you to incorporate the same commitment to sustainability in your practices.

continuous improvement in your practice.

cost conversation

You may have the perception that 1-day lenses made with SiHy are going to be too costly for your patients. However, patients want you to offer them the healthiest options regardless of price. So explaining why you’re prescribing a particular lens based on their vision correct needs is critical — and clariti® 1 day is an affordable SiHy lens your patients will be thankful you talked to them about.

continuous improvement in your practice.

asking the right questions

When you ask the right questions, you solve the right problems. What’s more, asking your patients the right questions to get to the bottom of their needs is important. As an ECP, you’re a problem solver. So finding those pain points or areas of improvement in your patients’ lens-wearing experience is critical.

continuous improvement in your practice.